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Our history

About seven years ago, our family of three, originally from Germany, decided to move to Uruguay. It was a trip that took them to the wonders of the Uruguayan countryside, and for three years, we have found their home in the middle of nature.


Our story begins with the desire to seek a simpler and more authentic life, away from the hustle and stress of urban life. Upon arriving in Uruguay, we were captivated by its beauty and hospitality. After exploring several regions, we finally found our corner of peace in the countryside of Pueblo Eden.


On our land, we have worked to create a place that reflects our passion for nature and the outdoors. Our cabins are an extension of this love, designed to provide comfort and serenity to our guests.

During our stay here, we have forged a deep bond with the local community and have come to appreciate the richness of rural Uruguayan life. 

Our commitment is not limited to just providing a haven for travelers; We also want to share the beauty of this region. 

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